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If you haven’t found that special someone late nights at the Walkabout wait no further because there is Antipodate is a dating website that is catered to Antipodeans-Aussies, Kiwis, Saffas, and expats in the UK and Ireland. However anyone can join and you will find many different nationalities on the site. Besides being a dating site there is also lot’s of information about speed-dating, quiz nights and wine tasting events. If you just arrived and are looking to meet new people this is great information to know about. As long as you can afford it.



Registering is for free and unlike other dating websites even if you have not paid for a subscription if someone emails, sends a kiss, or views your profile you still can see that particular person. But you cannot write back. This is a nice aspect to this site because you can see who is interested in you because that will normally sway your decision if you do want to spend the money to join. When you sign-up you are only registering your account. You must go to update to create your profile.


Your Profile

Since Antipodate is targeted at Antipodeans so is the make-up of the profile.  The profile is very easy to create because there are plenty of questions where you pick one-word answers or phrases so it does not take as long to create.  The answers are quite funny. For example under cooking skills you can choose from ‘I burn toast’ or ‘takeaways’, or there is even a response that ‘drinking is part of my religion’.



Antipodate is much cheaper than most online websites. However, until you try to email someone back the prices are not shown.  Also note, Antipodate takes every card-card except for American Express. But that is understandable.  Pricing is as follows:


Disc On Monthly Price

Each 1 month full membership

£9.95 2 month full membership


£16.95 3 month full membership


£22.95 6 month full membership



Special Features

What Antipodate has that the other online dating sites do not is the daily Hot 50. The top 25 men and women their picture is shown and the rest you will just have to check out for yourself.  If you like a particular accent or culture what makes Antipodate special is that you can browse all male and female Antipodeans, Saffas, Aussies, Kiwis, and Zimbos which makes your search process faster and more efficient.

Telina’s Tip

1. Antipodate is a great website but do take in mind that if you are not from the southern hemisphere you might not get as much of a response compared to other sites. This is a site for Antipodeans and even though you may be extremely lovely you may not have the passport these people are looking for.