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If you are looking for a one-night stand or casual hook-up then Badoo.com is the site for you. You sign in and receive a message that 15,000 girls or guys near you are looking meet someone your age. Well, how fun can that be? Badoo is highly effective in one way. It brings members together according to their profile pictures and location.  Those looking for a meaningful, serious relationship I would look elsewhere. Badoo is not where you would most likely meet the philanthropic individual who wants to attend the local charity event with you. Badoo is the site that if you are feeling frisky and not in the mood for small talk you are most likely guaranteed instant fun with whoever you meet.




The site is quite amazing in the sense that within seconds you can find out if someone you could fancy is sitting in the very same pub as you or only five metres away.  What makes Badoo so accessible is that it has dating applications for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry and is one of the most popular phone applications around.  Badoo covers a vast geographic area and is available in over 20 languages. Because Badoo is known as being a ‘hook-up’ site there is no need to worry about language barriers. If you find someone who is close to you and you both understand your mobile phone you will not need a translator


Signing Up

The registration process on Badoo is very easy and fast. To see a ‘potential’ match who is close to you all you need is your name, date of birth, and gender. The confirmation email is sent to you instantly and then you ready to go. The section for your personal information is straightforward and uncomplicated. What makes Badoo a quick site to register on is when you fill in your personal information you don’t have to wait 24 hours to be approved of appropriate content.



Unlike other site you must have a photo displayed to communicate with other members. Like your personal profile, you don’t have to wait for your photo to be approved.  However, to send a message to someone you must have at least three photos up.


Super Powers

This is your membership only with a brighter name that makes you feel you are actually not paying for a dating site. Badoo makes its money by you paying a subscription so you can attract more users. You promote yourself.  Compared to other dating sites you will not see any advertisements on Badoo. To see the people who want to meet you, you must activate your Super Powers. There are four different packages to choose from. See pricing below.

To activate your Super Powers for free you can invite 30 friends to enjoy Badoo. Beware that Badoo will ask you to sign in to your email account with your password so they can send a message to all your contacts. After you put your email and password in, Badoo downloads your contacts and emails them requesting to join you on Badoo. This is where Badoo is known for its popularity in spam.


Special Features

There is video and chat messenger, advanced search options, a mobile phone application, a fun profile builder and tools to boost your popularity.



12 months at £4.17/month – £49.99 total (save 51%)

6 months at £5.00/month – £29.99 total (save 41%)

3 months at  £6.66/month –  £19.99 total (save 22%)

1 month at £8.49/month – £ 8.49 total


Telina’s Tips

1. The amount of spam sent to your email can be quite a lot. This is one of the biggest complaints of Badoo. I would suggest creating an email especially for Badoo so you can have your Badoo life and normal life separate.

2. Boys, be aware that Badoo is heavily populated with transsexuals and transvestites listing themselves as girls. Note the transvestites might only be apparent to male members.

3. It has been reported that there are a lot of fake people and scammer’s phishing for email addresses through its users with the users consent. It is said that email comes in as the users first and last name and that they left a message for you.

4. There have been complaints that some Badoo users have searched their name and what comes up on search engines is their hometown and that they are looking for a date. Not so great if you would like to keep your Baddo lifestyle private.

5. Messages are limited to 10 contacts per day even if you are a paying member. Of course you can always pay more to send more messages.

6. If you look up other reviews about Badoo you will find various derogatory testimonials in multiple languages. It is quite a controversial site.