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We’ve been looking at various Beta incarnations of BootyShake for a few months now and trying to figure where it’s value really lies. As it has matured though it’s clear to see that this iPhone app bravely bridges a gap and makes Instant Messaging truly instant and possibly makes dating as instant too.

All you do is login once, shake your iPhone and instantly you’re presented with a list of hotties in your area. Everyone you see has done the same within the last 60 minutes too so there’s no old profiles, or ‘logged in more than a week ago’, just live users looking to hook up.

Whereas Tinder waits for your approval and you to be approved by the other party, BootyShake works in reverse and gives you everyone that’s available in order of proximity, then let’s you swipe left and ‘hide’ them, filtering down your prospects by dismissal rather than approval. The main difference in this approach is that it may appear at first that there’s a lot less people using it than there actually is, but in reality most sites have a lower rate of daily activity and the quality is much higher here. You’re not distracted with distant or inactive users disguised as local and active too a despicable practice that main stream media seems have completely ignored (see our review of Tinder for more on how they use fakes and even your own profile to try and fool you).

At time of writing BootyShake is only available in parts of Europe, Australia, NZ, South Africa and English speaking Asia. Whether there is a plan for North America and an Android version is not yet clear. But looking at the UK usage of the app and the turnover of ‘talent’ we think that this could signal a change in the nature of those looking for an ‘instant date’.

No fakes

Still not available internationally
Took us ages to find Settings (you swipe to the right! Doh!)
No Android app, it’s iOS only 🙁