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Do you like comic books, computer games and Star Wars? Are you tired of meeting the cool, suave guy or girl and then being disappointed when they don’t call you back. Well, maybe you need to look in a different direction and find a geek. Geeks are cool and deserve dates too.  “Geek Date is the website for the single geek. “ Not only can you broaden your circle friends but you might just find a wonderful match for you in the process. Becoming a member of you have to opportunity to find someone who truly shares your passion for all things GEEK.

How it Works

It is free and easy to register. All you need to do is put in a username, what type of person you are looking for, date of birth, postcode, a password and you are ready to join. You get your confirmation promptly sent to your email and then you are ready to start searching for your potential geeky match.


The basic profile on “Geek Date” is set up like most other dating sites. What makes Geek Date special is the option of having a diary where you can add daily entries and as many as you wish. As the website says, “A diary is the best way for people to get to really get to know you.” Rather than appearing as a list of fundamental statistics, adding diary entries to your profile will show your true personality and what has been going on in your life. . You can even attach pictures.  What Geek Date also has is personality profiling and dating matching analysis (DMA) system, which is a collection of day-to-day life questions that’s answered and builds up in your personality profile. These answers can match you up with other members. There are a lot of them so you don’t have to answer everything all at one time. You have the option of responding to a couple of answers each day. What is interesting is that as you answer the questions you are shown the statistics of how many people answered the question like you and how much they find the question important.

Your Search

When you start your search you will be shown the people who match your ideal match criteria and then you are able to see their profile. You can select which attributes are important to you for your ideal match. It’s possible to choose up to 10 in each section in the 3 categories. There is physical information, personal information, and interests. You can then move on to the section that shows how your ideal match would answer. From the answers from your ideal match you can search by age range, within postcode, with pictures, and online.



*Quizzes:  This is a fun amenity on the site to find out whether you click with someone. You can even create your own quiz.

*Surveys:  You can find matches based on your answers to the survey of people who answered the same as you. The surveys are brief, concise, and simple.

*Photo Rating:  You have a range of photos to peruse and rate what you think.

*Mobile phone: You can send text messages, save your favourites and store all your messages on your mobile.

*To add people to your favourites, start webschat and email. But you need to pay for this.

*You can see who has looked at your profile. This is free. However, even if you know the person who sends you a message, in order to read it, you need to subscribe to the site.


If you have a PayPal account you can save even more.

£9.75/month 1 month – Billed in a payment of £9.75

£6.00/month 3 months – Billed in one payment of £18.00

£4.50/month 6 months – Billed in one payment of £ 27.00 (Save 63%)


Pay By Credit Card

£12.19/month 1 month – Billed in a payment of £12.19

£7.50/month 3 months – Billed in one payment of £22.50

£5.62/month 6 months – Billed in one payment of £33.75 (Save 54%)

For your privacy, payment will show on your payment card statement as “Splut” not GeekDate

Telina’s Tips

1. Search members who you would like to date that are ‘online now’ before you pay to see if it is worth it.  Really check it out because there are a lot of profiles and the last time these so called members signed on was three months ago.

2. You can’t tell who is still active and if a potential match for you found a relationship.

3. Because Geek Date is a niche site there are less members so be prepared to take more time to look through profiles.