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Are you a serial dater? A player? Or just downright scandalous. If you habitually go out with so many different people that you are starting to forget who is who and where you went, then My Little Black Book made for the iPhone and iPad Touch is what you need. The application is very easy to download and comes at a reasonable price. However, now that My Little Black Book is becoming popular one does have to wonder if their date sitting across from them is secretly taking notes for later.

The Point

My Little Black Book was created for singles to privately and progressively store their dating history. The app keeps track of your date, where you went, and how the date actually turned out. This is convenient for those who date multiple people at the same time and need a way of keeping them separated. The difference here is inside of taking the time to write about your date or mark your ‘black book,’ you now have the luxury to do it instantly on your phone. Now when a previous date calls you won’t look tactless because you forgot who this person is and what you did.

How it Works

You have a couple easy tabs to make this app simple. First you take a ‘Contact’ from your address book and drag all the information into a file, or you can create a new one.  Then you go to your ‘Places’ tab and enter the location. Your ‘Date’ tab permits to add a photo, date and time, contact, rate the date, and add any other information you think you should remember. All three of these tabs all you to sort alphabetically, find your favourites in order of ranking, and your most recently tagged.



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My Little Black Book can be looked at as a sleazy application made for the serial player. Or it can be seen as effective networking. Either way My Little Black Book will save you the time and effort of trying to remember thorough details about your date. Just make sure you lock your phone in case you loose it.