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Fake Protection is a lot like Facebook. It can be highly addictive and a waste of your time. Consequently, there are people out there who find true love, and people on the site who are just downright looney. Either way subscribing to you will always meet someone interesting to talk to your friends about. Whether it’s good or bad.



Signing up for match is fairly easy. It is not a convoluted process. To look at other people’s profiles all you need is your email. If you are feeling lazy you can fill out your profile later. Some people only do the minimum and check the boxes that match has questions for them. Others will write something sincere and meaningful. Other profiles will be sad and creepy. From my experience with online dating websites I would have to say that match has the most eclectic array of people. You can waste hours looking at all these profiles just like facebook only there is no friend acceptance needed.

Special Features

What is a benefit to match is you are able to IM. This can be quite fun because you can have five different conversations going at the same time without having to leave your home or put on decent clothes. Instead of going out and spending money you can stay in talking to potential dates and not spend a pound. Also if you decide you really don’t fancy a person you can just not write back. You don’t get into a socially awkward situation because you are not with them in person!

One thing that match does everyday is send you your DAILY 6. This is a feature that picks six new profiles match thinks you should see. Just because match thinks you might like these profiles doesn’t mean you will. It can be comical the people match will send to me because I would never date them but what we do have in common is geography. Go figure.

To wink or not to wink?  On match to show someone you are interested you can wink at them. This is a nice feature to have, but it is also for lethargic people. How many times can you go on winking? So far I have not had a decent conversation with someone who I shared a winking relationship with. However, it can be good for your self-esteem to have many winks at you. My suggestion is if you find someone interesting go ahead and email them. You have nothing to loose and the worst thing is they don’t write you back. On an optimistic note, you should not worry because you never met them in the first place. They could have already found someone and not had the chance to take their profile off the net.


If you truly want to find a person whom you could share a meaningful relationship with you are going to have to put some time in match. The search engine is great and you can filter out the type of person you want, but remember there are a lot of people. Since match is one of the most popular dating sites it will take some effort finding those who fit your style.


Telina’s Tips

  1. This is the MOST important tip to know. If you want to cancel your subscription you MUST call match within 48 hours or you will automatically be renewed again for the previous month/months you paid for. If you don’t call your credit or debit card will be charged. Also there are no refunds. Even if you are not using the site you still will pay. The customer service number is 020 305 96 492.
  2. UK Match only accepts UK bank cards. If you are a foreigner and just moved to the UK you will not be able to sign up unless you have a UK bank account. It does not matter what country you are from. If you attempt a couple of times it will show on the customer service computer. You can then call and inquire about your card and depending on who you talk to they will normally give you three free days until you can sort your UK card out.
  3. Be prepared to constantly have mail in your inbox. If you only have one email I would suggest creating another one so you do not get your personal and work life mixed up with your online dating life. Match sends you an email for everything that happens to your account. Winks, favourites, views, popularity, today’s matches, and emails, you will be sent a message. It can be a lot at times and if you have real work to do scrolling through your inbox to find a proper email can be tedious.
  4. Try before you buy. It is free to register and check out other people’s profiles. If you don’t like what you see (and there are A LOT of people on Match) I would suggest waiting a bit. It is one of the more costly online dating sites if you only want a short period of time. The only thing is if someone views your profile, winks at you or you are sent a message you cannot see a thing until you pay.
  5. Unlike other dating websites you cannot just write what you want. After you fill out your profile it will say ‘awaiting moderation.’ Your pictures as well also have to be approved. Keep them appropriate or else they will not be posted.