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Do opposites really attract? Or should we be with someone who is more like us with the same exact outlook on life? is a compatibility based dating website.  MatchAffinity believes that for a successful relationship ‘to consider your own character traits and personality as well as thinkin2g about the type of person you would like to meet. Our unique Affinity questionnaire is designed to help you do just that.’

The questionnaire uses extremely detailed psychometric testing so that is does the search for you. A plus side to this is instead of spending hours looking through profiles like most dating websites you are sent your matches instead who are ‘supposed’ to be compatible with you. This is an efficient site for someone who has no time to waste. On the other hand just because the computer says you are compatible it does not mean you are.

To Start

There are five easy steps to beginning your search.

1. Register by providing your email address and a user name with your password.

2. Click on the activation email and you are ready to begin!

3. Take the Affinity Test

4. Check-out your potential ‘compatible’ matches

5. You can send your first message to one of your matches for free. However, after that you need to subscribe for a membership.

The Affinity Test

The test has been put together by extremely skilled psychologists specialized in psychometrics and human relationships. It is not a bunch of random questions put together to waste your time because the test can take between 30 to 60 minutes. The test looks at 71 key areas which determine the compatibility between two people.  Your values to outlook on life, family, personality traits, are all correlated together to find you a potential partner. What the system is for is to help you pre-screen your matches.  Even though the test is lengthy, the upside of it all is that when you are finished you will get a meticulous personality report that is exceptionally interesting to read even if you are not looking for a partner.

Finding Your Match

The Affinity system delivers you a list of pre-matched people that according to them you are compatible with. The matches are measured by the percentage that the system thinks you’re compatible. One of the great aspects about MatchAffinity is that your identity is protected. You only reveal your photo when you want to. This makes this website special because meeting a potential partner is not solely based on looks. You are able to see one’s personality come through first.


MatchAffinity works via a direct messaging system. There is no instant messaging or video chat like other sites. There is not even a wink option if you are shy and unsure what the person might think of you. You can ‘like’ or ‘unlike’ a profile which means the person will show up in your favourites list or they will stop appearing in your mailbox as a potential partner for you. With MatchAffinity you have to be tenacious and just go for it!


The only downside to is that there are no month-to-month memberships. You have to subscribe for a

£89.97 for a 3 month membership
£114.00 for a 6 month membership (37% Saving)
£168.00 for a 12 month membership (53% Saving)

£14.00 per month with a 12 month subscription (53% Saving)
£19.00 per month with a 6 month subscription (37% Saving)
£29.99 per month with a 3 month subscription

Payment options include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Diners and PayPal.

Telina’s Tips

1. If you are a member of you cannot use the same user name.

2. Most of your answers are confidential and cannot be viewed by other members.

3. It is ‘good to know’ when you take the questionnaire which answers will appear on your profile and can be reviewed by members.

4. If you only have one email I would suggest adding a second one if you register for MatchAffinity. You will be sent matches everyday even if you haven’t subscribed. It can get annoying if you are expecting a work or personal email and you get matches who you think are not compatible to you at all.

5. Take the time to really fill in the questionnaire. Especially if you intend to pay for a membership. Everything you fill in and write could possibly lead to the love of your life.  If you get tired, take a break. You can always come back. Also go on your first instinct. You don’t want to be sent matches with people who are completely opposite of what you want.