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“Who Needs Money, Beautiful People Travel For Free!’

Does this sound appealing and glamorous to you? Travel the world and stay in luxury resorts, dine in the finest restaurants, and receive glamorous gifts absolutely free.  If you are gorgeous and willing to meet a wealthy man to whisk you away somewhere exotic or take you out the way you had always hoped for, according to you can have all of this. And it will cost you nothing.  Consequently, you have to be beautiful. No plain or overweight woman will do well on this site. Go to another website for love or a sugar daddy if that is what your after because this site is superficiality in its finest form. has two categories that simplify the website. You are either ‘Generous’ and will pay for travel. Or you are ‘Attractive’ and want to travel for free. There is nothing more to it. A man who has everything he could want, except for a travel companion sponsors the stunning woman.

How it Works

The site is 100% free for beautiful women. Again I say beautiful women because before you write your profile you need to have your picture approved. Any man can join the site regardless if he is ugly or has a picture on display. The men pay the money just to correspond with these ‘travelling companions’.

This website is also special because besides setting strangers up to go on holiday together it provides an incentive system which permits the generous members to give as a ‘gift’ frequent flier points to Attractive members. With a certain amount of points the Attractive female may redeem them for airline tickets or hotel rooms. Again, allowing the beautiful woman to travel for free.

Your Profile

Once you have been accepted as ‘Attractive’ you then are able to write your personal profile which includes your age, hair, eye colour, interests, and what you want in a travel companion. Both men and women are asked to enter their income and net worth. But there is the option, ‘rather not say’.

Getting Noticed

Many people who may be a little shy start off by sending you a wink. If you are interested you cyber-wink back, propose a trip, or strike up a conversation.


Even though is free for women there like all online dating sites is an opportunity to upgrade. The website states the benefits of this is

  • Frequent Flyer miles never expire while you’re a premium member.
  • Send messages without accepted trip offers
  • Become a featured member
  • Get up to 20 times more profile views from generous members

The package deals are as follows (note the currency is in American dollars):

30 Days, $30  ‘for the curious’

90 Days, $60  ‘our most popular’

180 Days, $90  ‘because it works’

After a thorough search of the site I found it was just like any other sugar daddy site with the exception you might get to leave the country.  The creator Brandon Wade is not only the founder and CEO of he is also the founder and CEO of the websites,, and Interestingly he seems to have a similar theme within all his websites.

Telina’s Tips

1. It has not been exactly proven, but Miss Travel has been scrutinized as a global escort service. The website does say for escorts not to apply. But how valid is that really?

2. deceives girls into thinking they are going to get on a private plane just because they ask for it. Many of these men don’t have this kind of money and there are many testimonials of girls being asked to meet in a pub. In the town they live in!

3. According to various men who have used the site, you are able to spot out the hookers. A girl who genuinely wants to travel will say on her profile that she likes designer handbags and shopping whereas a hooker will specify on an ‘arrangement’ to be made.

4. Men have to pay to pay to respond to women’s messages. One has to question if these women are actually real or does the management generate some of these messages.