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Just in the last six months Tinder, a new dating app for the iPhone has become so popular that is has taken storm as the new Grindr. Only for straight people. With the swipe of your finger the app shows you someone close by who you should know and then you will see their picture. Secretly you can like or pass the person. However if you are both interested Tinder will make an introduction for you and then you can chat within the app. It’s two way Hot or Not without the dejection of only ever being a 6/10. Is this a superficial app? Well yes. All you see is a picture and depending on your taste you decide if you want to give that person ‘your time’ for even a discussion.

Just like Grindr which is known for its promiscuous last minute hook-ups Tinder is well known for the same thing. As fun as an app and addictive that it can be, I wouldn’t plan on finding your Prince Charming, or the girl you are going to bring home to Mama. Particularly as the ‘Recommendations’ it serves up it serves up are less than honest.

In a somewhat shallow bid to look more popular than it is, Tinder pads it’s bevy of local hotties with overseas users. Most probably unbeknown to them (and you too!) their profiles are being used as marketing fodder to keep you interested. Is this legal? Probably. Is this ethical? Doubtful. Do you ever ‘connect’ with these overseas users? Never! Cynical? Totally! So knowing this you should be aware that a fair percentage of those hotties are neither near you or ever will be –  you will never meet the hottest guys and gals on Tinder because they will never know you’ve clicked them.

It’s a running joke too that anyone listed as ‘less than a mile away’ will be 8 miles plus and anyone over 15 miles will be closer to 50. Which is all a great shame because Tinder is great idea that is totally undermined by brace-toothed students of UCLA and Redhawks cheerleaders masquerading as citizens of Slough (without their knowledge or consent!).

BootyShake does this a lot a better, although in a much rawer form. And though there does not appear to be nearly as many ‘Recommendations’, they are all real people, they really are close by and they’re all available right now.

Tips to know

  1. Tinder is highly addictive. It’s possible to waste hours of your time scrolling through pictures only to not meet up at all or to finally meet someone who is really not your type.

  2. When you do skip a person who is close by you are anonymous so you do not need to worry that they know you don’t find them ‘appealing’.

  3. It is completely free but only for iPhone users only. Unfortunately those with the Android and other smart phones are not invited to the party.

  4. Quite a few of those faces you fancy are fakies stuffed by Tinder in to keep you interested. They will never see your appreciation either!

  5. UK users might want to skip straight to BootyShake as a more honest alternative.

    Tinder is pretty, but not honest with it’s customers